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We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.  We hope to add ApplePay and other NFC-based payment methods soon.

We do not accept checks.

Sure!  When booking online, we do ask for a credit card deposit, but if you contact us directly (call 228-563-8085 or contact us) we can make other arrangements.

We will be adding new scanning events and locations based on demand.  If our scanning events don't align with your schedule, contact us and we'll try to set up a scanning event.

Life happens, and we get that.  If you've booked online and paid a deposit, we can try to reschedule your appointment.  Deposit refunds, in general, are subject to our cancellation policy.  If you didn't print it out when you booked your appointment, you can also read it below.


Cancellation.  The Photographer may implement a cancellation policy and will make the Client aware of that policy at the time the Client makes a deposit for the service(s) to be performed.  A cancellation fee equal to any deposit(s) paid by the Client shall be applied if the Client cancels within five (5) days of the date the service(s) would have been performed.

Most of the time, from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Generally, we book appointments in 1-hour incriments.  The scan likely won't take this long, but it depends on how many people will be scanned, how successful the scan is, if multiple scans are needed, etc.

We'll start by having you complete and sign an agreement.  If you haven't paid yet, we'll also take care of that.

We'll also collect some information that will help later on after the 3D scan, when we fine-tune the 3D model(s) and when we deliver the final 3D print.  This could include basic information, such as height, delivery address, etc.

Next, we'll begin the scanning process.  Depending on the quality of the scan, we may need to do several scans.

After we've gathered the information we need and have finished the scanning process, that's it!  You're done!  We'll keep in touch until you receive your final 3D print.

Sorry, due to copyright laws, we cannot :(

Once we start offering object scanning services, there will be things we can duplicate, some things we can't. Contact us if you're not sure or if you want to find out.

We've got a variety of pricing for different sizes, materials, and often have specials on services.  Check our pricing page for details, our specials page, or get in touch with us.

We can make necessary arrangements.  Contact us well in advance to discuss the details and pricing.

If you have a large group, check out our specials.  We might have something to suit your needs.

If you're planning a party or other group event and will need us to come to you, contact us to make the arrangements and for pricing.

At this time, we're focused on scanning people.  We do hope to offer this service in the near future, though.  We're working on it!

The scanning process can take as few as 1-4 minutes, but one of the factors that affect this is how still the person being scanned can be.  We've scanned children before with success, but this may not be the case every time.

If your child can stay still for a few minutes, we more than likely can do the scan successfully.

No.  The scanning process can take as few as 1-4 minutes depending on a few factors, though.

We do plan to offer instant scans in the future.

Not at this time, but we do plan to offer a service that can accomplish this from photos of a person.

We could, but the results aren't going to be an accurate 'you'!  

We can, within reason, but must consider the legalities on a case-by-case basis.  Contact us and we can talk about it!

We deeply respect privacy and will keep your information private.  When you come in for your appointment, you fill out basic information we need to be able to make sure the final product gets to you.  We keep that information.  We will never share or sell that information.  When you sign that agreement, you have the option to let us know if you want us to keep your digital scan files (in case you want more prints in the future) or if you want us to delete them after you receive your print.

If shade is available, yes, though the quality of the scan will not be good enough for a full-color sandstone model (due to shadows).  

Outside scans, if possible, can only be used for Standard or Pro Plastic 3D prints.

Generally no.

Most 3D models will be sent to a third-party printing company.  For a budget-friendly option though, we do offer 3D prints made on our own 3D printer.  Check our pricing for the Standard Plastic option.  If you need a part printed, contact us.

We can, but we prefer to work with 3D scans and prints of people at the moment.  Depending on what you want done, we might consider the project.  Contact us and let's talk!

Generally in 2-3 weeks after a successful scan.  Sometimes this timeframe can vary, depending on our workload and the workload of our third-party printing services.  We will be able to give you a more precise timeframe at your scan appointment.

"Standard Plastic models are made from ABS plastic.  This material will have a smooth finish, but may have small ridges due to the printing process.

"Pro Plastic" models are made from ABS plastic.  This material may have either a textured matte finish or a polished smooth finish.

"Sandstone" models are made from powdered gypsum and a special type of sealer similar to superglue).  This material has a texture similar to a dense sugar cube.

Sandstone 3D prints should be treated carefully, similar to porcelain or ceramic.  Excessive heat, water/moisture, excessive force can all damage the 3D print.

Pro Plastic 3D prints are more durable and can be treated like any other type of hard plastic toy or object.

Standard Plastic 3D prints are also durable, but may be less flexible than Pro Plastic 3D prints.

Absolutely!  There are some limitations to what can be 3D printed, but we'd be happy to talk and see how we can help.

No.  The majority of plastic items you buy in stores, including toys like action figures, are made in a very different way.  Usually they're made with an injection mold intended for very high volume production.  3D printing, on the otherhand, is an additive process where the 3D object is built layer by layer.

When it's ready, we'll let you know!  We'll also give you the option to pick it up, have it personally delivered to you (within 25 miles of Long Beach, MS), or we can mail it to you.

Coming soon!

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