Wooden Hard Drive Case

After tinkering with concepts, this Art Deco-inspired wooden hard drive case finally came into existence.  

Made out of an off-the-shelf wine box from a local craft store, the hard drive case houses up to two 2.5" laptop hard drives (with SATA to USB adapters, if you're curious), a USB hub, and a USB-powered color-changing LED strip.  The hard drives are mounted vertically using 3D-printed brackets which also ensure breathing room for the hard drives.  The inside is also lined with foil to prevent light leaking through the thin spots of the wood.

On the outside, high closs polyurethane protects the box and gives the English Chestnut stain a nice warm look.  The embellishment on the front was designed in Autodesk Fusion 360 and is made from two 3D-printed parts, which were smoothed out and painted with a metallic gold enamel.  A small gold-leafed design element added afterwards.  

The final touches include a small clock on the bottom half of the design, a wire mesh & fabric backing behind the main "speaker grille", and a bottom vent that allows the internal LED strip to shine through, casting a warm glow on whatever surface the drive case sits on.


A love of Art Deco designs and the period it flourished in...


The initial inspiration for this comes from seeing this style used heavily in a recent TV show and seeing the beadwork of an acquaintance.  Coming across an image of a radio from the 1930's is what finally made me want to make this project a reality.  More or less, this was the first step to creating a final product.  I can't wait to share the next one!