How It Works

What we call "3D photography" is actually a multi-step process involving 3D scanning, modeling, and printing.

Here's how it works


Rather than booking individual appointments, we book timeslots during our scanning events.  Periodically, we'll set a date for scan sessions, but we'll also do scanning events if we get a lot of requests.  Scanning event locations will vary.


process1We start by scanning the subject in 3D using special sensors, cameras or a combination of these. We might also take some measurements of the subject, depending on what final product you want.



process2Then, similar to what many traditional photographers do, we make adjustments and fine-tune the the 3D image using highly specialized software.


Print & Delivery


When we finish, we send the 3D model off to be printed using an additive printing method. When it arrives, we make sure there are no issues with the 3D print. Once your 3D print is ready, we'll pack it in some pretty nifty packaging and hold it for pickup, schedule a delivery to you directly, or mail it... whatever works best for you!