Like the majority of people, we value our privacy immensely.

We work very hard to protect the safety and privacy of anyone near any location we may be using a drone.  We want to tell you a bit about how we take your safety and privacy seriously.



  1. Any drone we operate will utilize safety features such as plastic propellers, collision avoidance technology, specific operating boundaries, high-visibility LED lights, and emergency shut-off & return-to-pilot functions. Our drones also produce a distinct sound that can be easily recognized. 
  2. All of our pilots (will have) an FAA-issued Remote Pilot Airman Certificate (a drone pilot license) and, for added safety, will always have a second person watching.
  3. All of our drones are FAA-registered aircraft, will be clearly marked with registration numbers and operate under the FAA's approval.
  4. Any drone activity will follow the Code of Federal Regulation's Title 14, Section 107.
  5. We will never operate directly over unprotected non-crewmembers.
  6. We will always fly within visible range and strive to quickly finish our work.


  1. We follow the Center for Democracy & Technology's Model Privacy Best Practices for Unmanned Aircraft, released on December 15, 2015.
  2. We will put forth our best effort to make sure anyone in the area knows we will be flying.
  3. We fly solely to take photos, video, and/or perform 3D scans of property where the owner/agent has given us permission.
  4. We will put forth our best effort to avoid areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.
  5. We will work to keep activity in airspace over private property to a minimum when possible.
  6. If we have to keep images or video necessary for a project, we will make a reasonable effort to remove or blur any personal information or images (such as people, license plates, etc.)
  7. We will avoid sharing any images or video containing personal information or images that haven't been removed or blurred.
  8. We will only share images or video with law enforcement:
    • When there is clear evidence of loss of life, serious injury, property destruction/theft, kidnapping or exploitation of individuals,
    • In response to valid legal processes such as court orders, subpoenas, etc.,
    • To protect the operator's property,
    • To defend against claims against the operator,
    • or if subjects provide informed prior consent.
  9. We will reasonably honor requests to destroy personal data if it is not crucial to our project.
  10. Any photos or video that contain personal data or images (retained only when necessary) will be encrypted and stored on external media.  Only authorized individuals trained on security processes will be allowed access to the data.  When the data is no longer needed for ongoing projects, it will be erased using Department of Defense-level methods.
  11. We will periodically review our compliance with laws & regulations and our privacy/security policies.

We certainly want you to understand what it is we're doing and how we're using the images and video we collect.  

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, contact Scott or Jerry at:

Phone: 228-563-8085
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.